Nearing the End

By Rashley, in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game

I very rarely play tournaments and never buy more than 1 set of anything. So far I have all the big expansions including Legends and am about halfway through the 3rd cycle of boosters. My total card collection for Warhammer is 1407. Since I provide most of the decks when playing with friends and at clubs, I have divided my cards into 24 decks of 4 for each faction. This gives 58/59 card decks and I have distributed the cards as evenly as possible between the decks. I also try to keep the number of each type of card as even as possible. The special neutrals are divided evenly was well. Each Order faction has 1 deck with Lizardmen and 1 with Wood Elves. The Destruction factions each have 1 Undead deck and 1 Skaven.

This ensures that each deck has an equal chance of winning, so games should be decided on best play. Which cards come out can, of course, make a difference. At this stage it looks like I have enough cards to play plenty of variety until the cards wear out. I may add a couple more boosters to reach the end of the current cycle - less than 3 cards per deck per booster - but feel I have virtually reached the end of Warhammer. I shall still continue to play, but don't think that more cards will improve the game. This also happened with 'Game of Thrones', 'Call of Cuthulu', 'Magic'. 'Stargate SG1' and many others. No doubt it will happen to 'Lord of the Rings' as well, but some way to go on that yet. Cheers!

Well, sorry you feel that way. I'm not sure why the game couldn't continue to improve. As I can see, since the core set, they've added several new races, a number of new mechanics and even a brand new type of card(legends). All of this in less than 2 years. Personally, I think the game has been kept fairly fresh and I don't see why they could not keep it going. It just seems that, for you, things become stagnant pretty quick.

Personally, I'd love to see the 24 different decks made using the same collection! He must use every card in some way. I find it hard to build even 3 themes per race without needing alot of duplicates. Usually 2 themes you can get away with. Throw in Legends on top of that, and that means he has at least 12 decks without Legends which may be underpowered.

Heh, I only have six decks for W:I, but 36 for WWE Raw Deal, plus an additional 6 for Revolution format, all from one collection. Somehow getting those six W:I decks to be balanced seems harder than doing the same with RD decks (stupid HElves, though they are catching up).

Yeah, I think right now I have 2 decks per race except only 1 for Empire, plus a Skaven and Undead. Even with only taking the strongest thematic cards, I'm forced to make tough decisions on replacements in certain decks. Dwarves are especially tough with many of their cards being useful in all their themes.

I hope I didn't give the impression that I was 'giving up' on this game. Far from it. I just meant to imply that at nearly 1500 cards, I believe that I have spent enough on it. I don't feel that I will gain much more by spending more on it. My 24 decks can be used instantly against each other for thousands of even strength battles for nearly infinite variety. My limited resources will be put towards getting other games up to this state.

Up until 'Legends' it was easy to balence my 3 per faction decks as cards came in 3s. Apart from the odd ones that needed duplicates to be effective, I just put 1 of each in each deck. Once 'Legends' came out there were too many cards in each deck. I found that decks over 70 cards wasted too many. Thus I had to subdivide again. This last process took many hours over 2 days, but I am pretty happy that the decks are balenced. Now I can get my well filled and heavy box of Warhammer cards out any time in the future and pits the decks against each other and know that skillful play should win the day.

I shall still follow this game and play it many times, but I don't think more money will add anything to the game for me. FFG will still make money from me, but just on other games. Cheers!