Painting Tanhauser Figures?

By [So]Rice, in Tannhauser

I might buy this game for the models, how is the pre-paint? Can I paint over them or do I have to strip the paint?


The prepaint is pretty good for mass production, and I've seen good results with just some washs applied.

But if you only want the models, check non-american board game retailers for the unpainted model sets, there were three of them one for the base Union, Reich, and Matriarchy sets respectivly. I will say they're pretty rare these days, and FFG has no intention of re-releasing them. I delieve they come un-primed.

One final note the models only have a 25mm base which is molded with the figure, if you planing on rebasing for DT, be sure to cut them from the base very carefully.


not looking to use them for DUST Tactics, just wanted the game itself, but will repaint the miniatures.