Rogue Trader Play by Post [Recruting GM/Players]

By RooRoo, in Rogue Trader

Hi I own most of the Rogue Trader books but have never gotten the change to actually play in a game of it. However I have played quite a bit of Dark Hersey so I am familiar with the system

I haven't read any of the pre-made adventures for Rogue Trader so the GM could use those if the other players agree to it. I am also a dedicated player who would be in for the long haul. If possible I would like to be the Rogue Trader.

I have gotten 3 players who are interested already over at Giant in the Playground website. The link for the thread I set up at that website is

Are there any GMs and other players interested in this sort of game?

can you give me your email?

mail sent

I'd be interested in playing in a PbP if anyone has one up and running. The one I was/am in, the GM has stopped posting without giving reason (though I've seen him post elsewhere within the same forum). So I'm looking for a new game too.

got an email (mine is [email protected])?

I woudl love to play a game of Rouge Trader, Although I have never played any game by post before. What woudl I need to do?

if you go to the thread in the first post all instructions are there, RT class is no longer an option, neither is astropath. All others are still possible to play though you might not be the only one.

If you roll for characteristics, please mention in your mail to me how you assigned the rolls.

Badlapje do you still have a spot open, if so I'm interested in joining.

Me email is [email protected]

i do indeed, i'll send you a mail

I'd like to try and play. [email protected] if you have room.

I'd like to try and play. [email protected] if you have room.

oops sorry dual post

I've already made a few posts on the forum you linked to. My e-mail is [email protected], void-master preferably.

Due to todays terror attacks in Norway I might need some more time, I still haven't gotten hold of all my friends to see that they're all alright. Just give me a word and I'll try to have a character ready sometime next week.

If there are still openings for players, and that no mutants thing doesn't count for Navigators, I'd love to join you.

sadly we are full atm