Doomies modelling and terrain thread (updated 07/10)

By DoomOnYou72, in Dust Tactics

I figured Id start a thread to help keep me motivated and shae some of my models and WIPs. Ive held off starting it until after the painting contest since I entered my first dust model in it. Up first is Sigrids Ludwig. I went for a more weathered and beaten look like shes been in the thick of it on the Eastern Front for a prolonged period of time.






Ive got a few more minis done and some WIPs that I will try and post later this weekend.

Cheers on the win, your Walker looks very good. Post more minis up too.

Congrats, Man! Excellent work. The wear and tear look is outstanding.

Looks great. Your green & tan is actually the same look I'm after for my Allies, using the primer green as the base color.

awesome model, a true centerpiece as the ludwig should be! I love the weathering you did, really like my combat walkers to look abused:) Those kill bands on the barrels are so neat, is that a decal?

Look forward to seeing more of your armies dude.

Thanks all. The weathering takes forever but I think the results are worth it. The kill bands are decals out of my bits box off some WWII kit. Ive finished up Sigrid and the Panzer Prince and Im working on OZZ. Ill try and get some pics tommorow to post.

I managed to get alittle time to take pics today so I figured Id update this thread. Up first is my Sigrid model. She was actually the first Dust mini I had painted.




I picked up a Panzer Prince model while Dust Models was running the preorder. The mini is resin and is the casting quality is pretty excellent.





Lastly are a few WIPs of my OZZ. The only gripe I have about this figure is the head. It seemed really out of proportion and was like huge. I ended up replacing it with a head from the Secrets of the 3rd Reich brit paras in gas mask. Since the model is in power armor I figured Id go with more of an Allied armor scheme similar to the tanks and walkers.





I like your camo very much,

How big are the Heavy Rangers head to a normal guy? I have some coming in and need to know if I should find alternate heads...

Thanks. Im not sure about the heavy rangers but I can tell you that Ozzs head is huge. I will probably end up swapping them all out so they match.

I found alittle time over the weekend to finish up OZZ 117 and Rosie. DSC01753.jpg

Up next on the table is Bazooka Joe still in a very early WIP. Im going to go with the colors from the comics.


I hate the Bazooka Joe figure, not criticizing your painting of it, just hate the figure.

Bazooka Joe does look stupid as hell. What is he trying out for "Black Swan"????

Come to think of it, I am going to alter one of my figures to be a better looking Bazooka Joe. This will involve chopping the weapon off of a Joe and gluing it to the back of a pointing sergeant. Anyone have any other ideas?