Man or Machine

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Shelly grinned at me. “You know, I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

“Actually, you could. Haas-Bioroid has rolled out new models.”

“I wouldn’t have one. I enjoy working with you. We’re...compatible.”

I considered that. “Do you mean to say that I am more human in context than other models? Because that isn’t so. Or are you implying that you have the same skill set as a bioroid? Which is also impossible.”

She took one of her hands from the control stick and patted my hand. She did that sometimes, and I recognized it as a human expression of affection. “I’m saying, Detective Drake, that you’re a fine investigator and an even finer partner.”

“Thank you,” That seemed to be the only necessary response.

The first investigation

Fantasy Flight Publishing is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Golem , an Android novel by Mel Odom, and the first book of The Identity Trilogy !

When a talented New Angeles Detective wakes up in bed with a woman whose name he can't recall, this seemingly harmless mystery indicates a much larger problem. After all, as one of the few bioroids in the New Angeles Police Department, Drake 3G12RC isn't accustomed to forgetting...or even sleeping. But his personal issues are forced to wait when he and his human partner Shelly Nolan are assigned a high profile murder investigation–one that will change his world.

Mel Odom is the author of over 140 science fiction and fantasy works, and is the bestselling author of Stalker Analog and Lethal Interface . Odom is also credited with numerous tie-in lines such as NCIS , Buffy the Vampire Slayer , and Angel .

For more information about this upcoming novel, visit our The Identity Trilogy website . In the fourth quarter of 2011, prepare to enter the world of Drake 3G12RC!