AGOT at Game Expo in Toronto

By ganapatiom, in 1. AGoT General Discussion

I recently spoke to the organizers of Game Expo, (part of the very large Fan Expo) here in Toronto. He said that they didn't have a tourney for AGOT planned, but that I could run one if I chose to. Hmmm. Sounds like fun time, but I'm not sure I'm up to it. I've played for a couple years, but am not an expert when it comes to the rules, especially the exact order of actions. Should I go for it anyway? Is there anyone in the area that would like to help out? I emailed FFG to see what they could do, but no response at all. Advice please. Game Expo wants to know on Monday if they should add AGOT to the calendar.

When is it? I would drive up if i could make it to help out, as long as we got decent registration (20+) ;)

Aug 25-28.

More info at

I dont think i coudl get away in Aug agin since i am gone for six days for GenCon. Wish i could help but not this year. Sorry.