Need to buy Terran faction (only)

By Veross, in StarCraft


I would like to buy 1 faction of Terrans (figures and cards); but only that - I do not need entire game.

I looked at ebay but guys sell whole game only, and I do not want to spend $80...

Any ideas? Maybe you can recommend me some web site where I can announce?

Why not the entire game?

And if you only need to replace pieces that are damaged, they can be replaced by FFG directly.

Honestly? I have 7 players, and my dream is to play full 7 faction game with all planets etc :)

I agree that more players would be awesome but here are a few reasons why that would be a bad idea:

1.) Unless you want to take the time to paint each plastic piece, you would have two factions that are the same color, hard to distinguish when they are both in play.

2.) Along the same lines, the factions sheets and tokens would look the same, making it easy to mix them up during gameplay (bases, transports, etc.) and hard to separate before gameplay if not well organized. (no way to change the color on those).

3.) Both factions would have the same faction abilities, leadership cards and special victory conditions (especially problematic with the Aldaris special victory and the Acturus Mengsk Stage I leadership ability that allows for the player to choose who goes first).

4.) Each faction has its strengths and weaknesses, espcially when compared to each of the other factions, so to have two of the same faction in play would tip the balance of power, especially if they're on the same team.

5.) Speaking of which, a team game with just one extra faction would be unbalanced. You would have to have two extra factions, which then effectively doubles the list of issues.

Realistically, FFG would need to create three new factions, one from each race, with new abilities and in three new colors. I would definitely buy that expansion, even if there was nothing but that! (A nine-player game of SC:TBG? Sign me up for all that all-day event!)

With that said, if you are really intent on playing a game with 7 players or more, I would suggest using generic pieces from anywhere you can find them as substitutes for normal game pieces (instead of hunting down a full set of identical faction components) and then come up with your own new, balanced faction abilities (perhaps you can scan and edit an existing faction sheet if you have the right computer software.) You've even got a head-start on a UED faction with the leadership cards that are available. Hmmm...I think I just came up with my next when-there's-nothing-better-to-do project.

Acutally, I think game is possible even with 7 or more players, but I do not think it is playable. More interesting idea for me is to have for example battle of three Terrans, which is possible, at least we have one official "expansion" Du Gale and few unofficial for Protoss and zerg also. So Leadership cards are no problem.

Plastic pieces should be painted for anohter color, which is also no major problem (black, grey etc...), more problematic are order tokens, still today everything should be printed or made on some hard-paper for another race. You also need some ZY axis for more than 6 players to be made.

So I think buying just plastic pieces will not help and you need one more core game :)