Escalating the War

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The Warboss Rok-Klaw has amassed a horde of Orks, all surging forward from the canyons of Sepheilon IV. Known to the populace as “Crater” for the Hive cities built along the rim walls of immense asteroid strikes, the area has long been plagued by small roving bands of Orks. Nevertheless, the local Planetary Defense Force was unprepared for the near infinite force of Orks streaming through the narrow canyons towards the Hives.

Join us at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center for a new Escalation League, beginning August 21st at 10am, and continuing every Sunday through November 14th from noon to 4pm! In this special Orks Vs. Imperial Guard campaign, your army will grow at its own pace. As you expand your forces with resources gained throughout the campaign, your units will gain experience, earning special veteran abilities. But watch out, grow too powerful too quickly and you will find a big target on your back...

google-map.png Waaagh!

Sign up now and pick your side! Will you defend the Hive cities with a force of Imperial Guardsmen, or join the Ork WAAAGH!? This campaign is free to Members, $15 for non-members and features over a thousand dollars in prizes.

Be the best performer for your faction each week and you can win Imperial Guard or Ork units. The overall best performer at the end of the campaign for each side wins a Baneblade or Stompah!

Sign up at the FFG Event Center today, and email [email protected] if you have any questions!