What looks like grenade launchers on the Luther/Ludwig/Lothar canopy

By player359820, in Dust Tactics

I am about to paint my Ludwig, and have noticed that next to the hatch appears to be 3 grenade launchers, similar to the ones on actual German tanks. Is that what these are?

Probably smoke grenade discharges, no rules for them yet.

I thought they were exhaust pipes of some sort.

I've actually affixed my MG44 to the center one, cause I think it looks just awful sticking out of the front like it's supposed to.

Pretty sure they are grenade launchers. They would be cool. Wouldnt be hard to give a walker a grenade abiity for its own tile, like when under assault.

Smoke grenade launcher.


Smoke Dischargers. It would also be cool to see some of the german vehicles have a similar system to the S Mine launcher on earlier Tiger 1s. Seems it would make sense in the game since there are infantry units actually trying to assualt the vehicles in hand to hand range.