Base under attack!

By WolfeWOLF, in StarCraft

Hi all. I have couple questions about rules.

1. In rules said - base stay trough next first regroup phase when enemy units stay on it. ok. But we got problem here. May base do units after defeating and when enemy units stay on it before next first regroup phase ??

2. If i capture the sector where placed enemy base. May i build my base at this region or not?


1. Yes. Until base token is present on the active planet, it can be used to build units and place them in any empty or friendly area of active planet.

2. No. You must place a new base on any friendly area of active planet (in other words - which does not contain any enemy units, bases or installations and contain at least one of your units / bases / installations).

BTW: Every friendly area = you control that area

To clarify, "friendly area" (i.e., "controlling the area") means that only you have something in that area (a unit, a base, or an installation). Since your unit would be occupying the same area as your enemy's base, you could not build a base there until it is gone, which does not happen until the regrouping phase unless you use a collateral damage attack card. Until then, you do not control it and thus you cannot build anything in that area. You can, however, build a base in a different area on that planet if you have a unit in that area.