Campaign Story: Currency and Shopping

By mmotomb, in Mansions of Madness

I was thinking maybe FFG produce a big expansion for MoM which is somewhat like Road to Legend was to Descent. Where players can divide their playing session playing, say, 5-10 story missions which are segments for a bigger arch story (campaign). The investigators uncover the mysteries of the story mission after mission and in between missions they can visit the town to buy items and do other things like healing.

Monsters may drop money based on dmg strength? (1 dmg = 1 dollar?) we can make it more random where investigators must pass a luck check in order for the monster to drop money. Which also can increase our exploration cards to have money in them (you find $5 inside the safe).

Heck if it's possible Investigators may increase their skills or HP/Sanity using XP and again XP can be collected whether by completing a mission or killing monsters / solving puzzles / finding clues. Maybe adding "Specialize" cards which give investigators an extra passive or active ability specific to a certain thing (fighting monsters, evading monsters, solving puzzles, preventing traumas/mythos..etc).

Maybe the leveling thing might not work but the story-arch / campaign setup is definitely something that should be implemented to give a sense of progress. What do you think?

That would be best thing they can do. Would realy like it.