Arkham Horror podcast

By kesinpa, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

Looking for anyone interested in helping out with a Arkham Horror podcast. Im going to be doing a few different Lovecraftian gaming projects and need all the help I can get.

Had some setbacks but Im working on this again. Contact me if you want to help out.

kesinpa said:

Had some setbacks but Im working on this again. Contact me if you want to help out.

I've never done a pod cast before and don't know what all I could do to help, but I love Arkham Horror and am interested.


Heh, I was just thinking recently of starting an AH podcast called Doom Token. But if you want to spearhead that, you might have more time than I would to get it going. I'd possibly be interested in co-hosting/producing or more particularly doing a regular segment on fan variants (the "Strange Eons" segment, perhaps).

You can reach me at grudunza (at) gmail (dot) com

Btw, I'm a former contributor to the Dice Tower and a professional musician and voice artist with good recording capabilities.

I'm intrigued. I might volunteer for something.


This sounds quite intriguing. I have some radio experience from college and then in the Service (Air Force). I'm fairly well-read on all of Lovecraft's works and have been playing the game for nearly three years, so hopefully I can be of some use..

The Professor

I'd like to help out with it- my "radio voice" kinda sucks, though. (Plus I don't have Skype)

One good topic for discussion would be the great fan-made expansions that have come out.

An AH podcast could also contain mini-dramatizations of gameplay- have someone play Jenny Barnes creeping thru the Witch House till she stumbles across a monster, then… "stay tuned for next week!" etc

Odd that I just found this thread.

I have little to no experience conducting a Podcast so my project has been taking a while to get off the ground. However, the first episode of Full Doom Track: Investigating Arkham is set to "air" the first week in November. It sounds like you have a lot of great ideas. Maybe we could collaborate? Email me @ fulldoomtrack[at]gmail[dot]com