This game is GREAT!

By mmotomb, in Mansions of Madness

This game is a gem. It is by far the most thematic experience I've ever had playing a Board Game. It is also friendly to non-board gamers. Easy to teach (thank you for the beautiful combat mechanic) and fun to play. There's Combat, There's puzzles, There's mystery, there's race against time.. It got EVERYTHING. I love it, everyone who played it in my non-gaming group loved it. Mansions of Madness is the only board game that really attract my non-gaming friends and they are asking for more! The only problem with is the fact that it comes with only 5 stories (with several possible story choices but still it's not much!).

The investigator's Skills make sense. This game makes the intelligent character feel intelligent and the strong character feel strong. There's a great Role Playing elements attached to it, greater than many dungeon crawling games. I loved the choices we have to make picking which skill/attribute sets for the investigators. Having a group of investigators entering the mansions tackling the challenges inside where the brute-force investigators take care of the nasty monsters while the intelligent ones search for clues/explore and disable obstacles!

The play-time is perfect. Being a fan of Descent it is not realistic to play it anymore because of how long it takes to be played. MoM game can end within 2 hours and that's with people new to the game. The overall experience is always satisfying whether we all lose or Keeper/Investigators win/lose.. it doesn't matter because everyone is watching the story unfolds and everyone wants to see what's going on, where's the clue? what's going to happen? are we going to be able to escape? whatever the result is, the reaction is always... Wow.. that was one nasty story.

I just wanted to thank Fantasy Flight Games for releasing such fine product. I am looking forward for big box expansions for this game, it deserves more attention and development time because this game is a gem.

Glad to hear you are enjoying it. This game is a huge hit with my group and we are planning for a session tonight. I am dying for a big box expansion, with some new monsters, tiles and hopefully 5 (at least) more scenarios. Character selection is VERY important for this game as not having the right skill set will assuredly spell doom for the humans! Now if I could just finish painting my minis for this game.