Can't find people to play with.

By Sana2, in Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG

I bought this game probebly half a year ago. I have read this book cover to cover twice i think... but for the life of me I can't seem to find anyone to play with any suggestions? For example is there a online forum where i can play?

Where do you live?

There is always the old standby of corrupting your friends

Well I live in Arizona, and the long standing tradition of corrupting one's friends is simply not gonna work most of my friends are well fairly popular girls that would rather get drunk than read two pages. xD

Ah, thats always unfortunate to hear. I don't know of any games that are active currently online but I would be glad to either host or play in one if we find some form of chat client, etc. If anyone else is interested just let me know. :)

Well making a forum or a chat room is easy just the people is difficult.

I would definitely be up for an online game, as for clients, mIRC is a good chat one, free too.


Actually, using would be a good idea, as it has tools like dice rolling built in already.

Well that makes 3, lol if we get more i can work on a forum for profiles and such. Anyways rpol is a good idea.

I've seen Anime play by post games work on and . The biggest problem is doing combat since you need to try and take into account everything when you make your posts for the round. is an online game I'm part of. You can see a round of combat I did in post 20.

Also I am greedy enough to join another game if your looking for players ;)

Nonsense, its not greed, its benevolence gran_risa.gif

I'd be willing to try an online game. I've never done an online game but i'd be more than willing to give it a shot :)

I'd also like to give it a shot, being new to chat-roleplaying...but I suppose my timetable isn't compatible with US (I'm from Italy - Greenwitch+1). When its 21.00 in Italy it's 12.00-14.00 in the US (depending on the area...) so I don't think we could easily find a compromise...sorry about that, though.

im willing to try playing with yall :)

I actually wouldn't mind trying to GM if people are fine running the GM Toolkit module. Would be using the giantitp forums

Sounds promising then. :) If we get a setup going I have a lot of timezones I can accommodate. We can Play-By-Post and/or Chat client. (I'd prefer both, where during the week if we do not have a time to meet up via chat we can do pbp, but when doing combat chat works amazingly better. Makes things less confusing, and then things can be described in an accurate and concise manner :) .)

I'll look into this and see if that might fit our needs. Just friend me if your interested and let me know preferences for how we play online and times you have available. :)

PS: Elric, I'm sure we can flex a little bit to your time, especially if we do a Play-By-Post for alot of the RP. :)

Oh this seems interesting i might wanna join i have had the books for sometime now. I have 3 out of 4 of the books. I am missing the Ki Dominion book. I have to read them though.

I'm not experienced (at all) i play by post game. If you believe there may be some flexibility and you want to count me in, then contact me, since I should be interested. As you probably know, I've wide access to all books thanks to the fact I can somewhat read Spanish. I'm eager to make anything disposable for the game master, even going as far as translating a bit in English. I'll be waiting for any news.

By the way, if you count me in...consider you have at the very least 1 tank in the party, unless you need me to cover another role, of course!

If your looking for a play by post thats great for roleplay, google wave is a good tool. You can edit posts and update them at the same time as other people, and it will tell you who is typing what, and who contributed to each post.

:edit: In addition ( I really like to promote google wave :P ) you can place up posts and allow anyone to see them, which is a great way to have your character sheets handy.

Just let me know what would be happening and all.

I would like to try gming a run through the module if people are interested. If too many have read the GM toolkit one I can probably convert a pathfinder/D&D one to Anima. I kind of just want to do a module run though to try and learn the system better from a GM perspective.

Personally would be fine for using Skype and a dice roller like invisiblecastle or do it purely through a forum and play by post (Though people need to commit to a post a day to keep it moving). Using skype and having a time everyone can play would be nice, though imagine with timezones might be tricky. I'm personally in EST (-5) time zone.

For all those interested what time zone are people in and what are your schedules like?

My time zone, as already said, is +1. As for skype, I already have an account, although right now my PC is under repair (will be fixed hopefully within tomorrow) so I won't be able to access it before I have my PC back.

I have a skype and it is in my profile. My time zone is EST currently 12:46am where i am. I currently have a completely open schedule.

My time zone is pacific (GMT-0700). I don't have skype but would probably be willing to get it. Until august 22nd I'm out of school so times not really that big of a deal but once university starts back up I'm not positive what my availability would look like (But i could figure something out I'm sure)

I live in Pacific (GMT -0800) and my schedule is entirely open for the current foreseeable future...unfortunately and also fortunately.

All we need now is Sana's availability and then a decision on the format and we are good to go :D