Unit support cards becoming developments

By ChemicalWarfare, in Warhammer Invasion Rules Questions

Hi all

We had this situation and wasn't sure how to solve it:

I played some kind of unit support card on my opponents unit - he then played Rodricks Raiders, turning the support card into a development.

Where does this development go? Can a card I own become a development in another capital?

No. You cannot control a development in another player's zone. So the card is discarded.

I don't agree with that. Rodrik's Raiders says "When this unit enters play, turn target support card facedown into a development" Nowhere does it say take control of that development. So if you use it on an opposing support the opponent gets a development.

Read the original post again. It was ChemicalWarfare's support card, attached to a unit in the opponent's zone. The opponent then turned that attachment into a development. The controller doesn't change. CW can't control a development in the opponent's zone, so the card is discarded.

It would be different if the attachment was Soul Stealer, but that's unlikely.

This question is in the FAQ and the Rules Summary, in you don't believe Mallumo for some reason (you should believe him though).

Sorry, misread the OP. Went largely off the response.