Any WFRP Gamers in around Dallas/Ft Worth Texas?

By The Asgardian, in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

As the subject and would love to find some passionate gamers that enjoy the WFRP universe.


I'm in Dallas. Rowlett to be specific. Where in the metroplex are you?

Hey there...

We are located in Irving.

More precisely, One is from Duncanville, Ft. Worth and all the rest from Irving :)


There's 6-8 of us that play up in the Plano/McKinney area.


Would like to hear from you all since we are not like too far away from each other...

My email is [email protected]


I am in Sachse and I have been looking for a group.

I am in Fort Worth and think it would be great to meet some people and learn to play this game!

Currently we have 3 people interested in WFRP 3rd. (2 from Irving and 1 from Ft Worth) that I know personally.


Do have someone to run/GM the game? I'd have to purchase a copy of the game but I've been wanting to for a while now happy.gif

Just got my WFRP core set dropped off at my door! Lets get a meeting together sometime and discuss getting this going!

Congratz :) Out of the people I know so far, I am the only person who has put money into WFRP 3rd... Now I am not :)

Juntei, email me at [email protected] (again if you did so before... my bad)


Ok, I would love to JOIN a group of players that are interested in WfRP3 :)

I could only wrangle 3 people for my game and one had family concerns that they were unable to continue.

So, what groups out there in the Dallas/FT Worth metroplex have an opening?


I've currently got a full group but if a seat opens up, I'll let you know. At present, we meet to play in the Richardson area, which is the most central location for the group.

Thanks, let me know when you have an opening :)


@The Asgardian

Just sent you an e-mail as one of my players may be forced to bow out of the game in short order. Let me know if you recieve it.