Banned Cards?

By Rogue_Joker_23, in Call of Cthulhu Deck Construction

I'm looking into building a deck for tournament play, but I can't seem to find a comprehensive list of what specific cards have been banned from official play. Is there a place where I can look this up, or would someone be willing to post a list?

Much appreciated.

FAQ, 1.4 (p. 2):

"The following cards are restricted for
LCG tournament play. A player may
select 1 card from this restricted list for
any given deck, and cannot then play
with any other restricted cards in the
same deck. A player may run as many
copies of his chosen restricted card in a
deck as the regular game rules allow.

Descendant of Eibon (Summons of
the Deep F75)
Nyarlathotep (Dreamlands F117)
Guardian Pillar (Dreamlands F78)
Itinerant Scholar (Core F30)
Jeffrey Farrington (The Order of the
Silver Twilight F18)

The following cards are banned from
official tournament play for Call of
Cthulhu: The Card Game

Endless Interrogation (Summons of
the Deep F82)
Magah Bird (Dreamlands F110)"

Thank you so much. Where do you find this FAQ?

Aspiring Artist is banned as well.

mantys said:

Aspiring Artist is banned as well.

Except it's not. AA got a text re-wording in FAQ 1.4 and hasn't been on the banned list after that.

what exactly changed on aa after the errata?

The original AA had a skill of 2, an arcane icon and allowed you to draw 2 cards after playing him.

The new version has 0 skill, no icons and only gives you 1 card after playing him.