Looking for players in vancouver bc

By Boze, in A Game of Thrones LCG

Hey! Lookin for some players in vancouver bc!

There was someone posting on here about going to UBC or something?



This kingdom for a bump!

Hi Boze,

I live in New Westminster but work downtown in Vancouver ...was looking for some players who are into the game and would want to play.

Im not all that good or anything, but would like to get a regular 4 player game going or something like that.

I would also be interested in this, especially if we all split costs for chapter packs and core sets? I live in Surrey, work downtown.

hey guys I like it!

HonestD I think we may have msg'd each other over BGG but hey lets figure this out!


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HonestD said:

I would also be interested in this, especially if we all split costs for chapter packs and core sets? I live in Surrey, work downtown.

Hey, Ive already bought most of the stuff but would probably be down on getting more, not sure what deck im goin to be going with leaning towards Lannister or Baratheon at the moment.

Hit me up on g talk or something PM me for my email, btw Boze where abouts you from?

There is a group that gets Thursdays @ Drexoll in Kits.

Drexoll Games Vancouver
2860 W. 4th Ave.
by Macdonald Street
Vancouver, BC
604 733-6511

We have about 4 players currently and are always looking for more. We start up around 5/6 PM but your welcome to come earlyer and we play until 11/12PM.

If we can get enough pleople we want to start a league.

If your interested in checking us out just drop by the store or you can email me at [email protected] if you have questions.

Anyone want to get together and have some games near Lougheed center this weekend ? We could even, go play at connections which is right next to Renfrew skytrain station.

Myself and my friend Kyle would be down, post up If you would like to organize something.

Hey guys,

I live in Vancouver (downtown), and I've played a few times with a friend but looking to learn and play some more... glad I found this post. Please PM me and lets trade email addresses.


Hey Warren,

Nice to meet you, I sent you a message. If anyone is interested in setting up a game sometime send me a PM with your e-mail or cell etc.

Hey all,

I've just started getting into the game, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade for some of the stuff in the core starter? There are a few Baratheon cards I'd like more of, so I figure an exchange for another house's stuff would work well, or just plain cash. I'd be happy to arrange a meetup at The Connection on Renfrew, so fire me an email at [email protected] if you're interested.

Hey there!

Just wanted to chime in on this post; hopefully it's not too late. Glad to see there are some other players out there in the Vancouver area, and it's really great to hear the Drexoll is putting on game nights (is this still happening?) I have a small meta of about 5 players in North Van that would love to meet with and play against some new people. Let me know if there's ever a group sesh and I'd love to come down!



Hey Elijah, we had 5 of us get together last night for some games, I sent you a e-mail but didnt get a response. If you are still wanting to come out sometime let me know.

Maybe PM me your cell ? As it would be easier to communicate via text, anyways I hope your enjoying your summer.