Humor me on this, Manlings!

By The Asgardian, in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Ok, a very silly subject regarding fantasy and dwarves in particular.

In Fantasy literature and movie and other media, Dwarves commonly refer to humans and reference to their culture with "manling" this and "manling" that. Now is the term "manling" the equivilant of the N-Word in the fantasy genre?

Yes, I admit it is silly, but it is one of those discussions between players that geeks will butt heads over.

Examples "This mead is stout! I applaud you, manling!" (Sounds not so vulgar)

"Manling, if'n ye want to live I hope ye swing that sword better next time!" (Kinda stern or condescending perhaps)

"I say we go ahead up the pass, manling. The horrors that cross this way will be hungry and mean!" (Feels neutral, but still calling the human manling :) )


From personal experience, I do not think that would be offensive for a different ammount of reasons:

Generically in fantasy worlds, Humans refer to dwarves elves or halflings has "dwarf" "elf" and "halfling" and halfling to humans "bigfolk" and all sorts of names, so I personally believe race calling is usually accepted I do not see why would there be an exception only with dwarves calling out humans.

It becomes insulting when you imply the inferiority of a race when you say it: "He is just a manling/dwarf what do you think he would understand of it?" unlike "I am proud of you maning/dwarf, you did well".

Also remember that being based in a medieval era, there was no such thing as "political correctness", and most people do not find anything insulting after name/race calling, but it doesn't change the fact that some individuals might respond differently, like getting offended or upset about it

Yo, what's up ma' manling?

Asking that kind of question only confirm your lack of beard, snotlinglover! ;)

Heh... My lack of beard is more correct if I can get off my arse and shave today :)

I thought it was a humorous situation to claim a dwarf was showing racism by referring to a human as manling, but it got called out during game :P

Though having the whole town pissed off at my dwarf because the elf burned down a stable and gutted a guard all to get my dwarf out of the jail before a morning beheading has had me rethink how my dwarf feels about humans and their culture :D


Im going to have a hard time not thinking of n**** now when i hear manling. In my head it will just swap on its own lol.

We are gearing up for a Dwarf adventure now anyway, i'll be chuckling about all the racist dwarves the whole time.

ma'manlings hahah,


I'm totally having the dwarves drop some m-bombs in my next game.

Non-vanir: I think it's nice to have some good slurs in the fantasy world. With the integration of the dwarfs into the imperial society, and them not being ghetto-ized, it's probably a lightened type of slur compared to a group that would really have something to be angry about (such as halflings). I'll use it too next game and see how the players take it.

In the second edition WFRP book "Stone and Steel" had a pretty extensive review of Khazalid and quite the glossary.

Among the various insults/slurs that you can throw out as a Dawi are:

Doh : stupid, gullible

Elgam : Weak, thin, feeble. Based off the root word Elgi which is Khazalid for "Elf/Elves"

Ginit: Small stone in a boot which causes discomfort, or any similar niggling nuisance

Grint: Waste rock left from mining; dross

Grobi: Goblin/Goblins

Grog: Inferior ale/beer, a human-like brew

Grumbaki: A dwarf who whines, complains or grumble a lot

Kruk: Unexpected disappointment

Kruti : Someone suffering from Krut (a disease contracted from mountain goats), a goatherd, an insult

Kvini : A prostitute

Skazi : Thief

Skruff: A scrawny beard (considered by some dwarfs to be a mortal insult)

Thagi : A traitorous killer

Ufdi: A vain Dwarf, one who preens his beard excessively, the implication that he cannot be trusted in to fight

Umgak: Poorly made (literally translates as "human made")

Unbaraki: Oathbreaker(s)

Now you can really let those skazi umgi know what you're thinking!

I have the Bliack Library book, "GrudgeLore".

It is an excellent source for the dwarven culture in Warhammer too.

Albeit, no crunch for rules, but lotsa fluff.

"Gotrek and Felix" books makes use of "manling" in quite an abundance.

Again, Gotrek's use of "manling" is dependant entirely at the immediate use as to whether it is an insult of just an address to a human :)