RTL: Traveling to town while webbed

By Falculus, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

I was recently re-reading the FAQ and came across something that I had not noticed before.

FAQ page 15 (emphasis mine):

"Q: Can a hero traveling to town via a glyph take any action before Restocking, such as attacking? Does returning from town still cost 1 MP? What other limits are placed on heroes in town and using glyphs?

A: A hero who begins his turn adjacent to or on top of an activated glyph has two options: take a normal turn or go to town. If he goes to town, he is immediately moved to the building of his choice and gets to Restock there. No movement points , no declared action – he just Restocks."

So a hero with a Web token can still "use" a glyph and travel to town? If so, does the token remain during the hero's trip to town? In town, does the hero still try to roll to remove the web at the beginning of his turn? I would imagine that the answer is yes to all three.

In fact, it appears that a webbed hero can get "stuck" in town as it does require a movement point to get back to the dungeon.

FAQ page 15 (emphasis mine):

"A hero who begins his turn in town has two options: Restock again (at the same or a different building) or return to the dungeon. If he returns to the dungeon, he
declares a normal action (Battle, Ready, Advance, Run) and then must spend a movement point to move from town to the dungeon , just like normal. If he somehow can't do so (i.e. he Battled and had no fatigue left) then the entire action is canceled and the hero Restocks instead. "

Am I getting all of this correct?

Falculus said:

Am I getting all of this correct?