Announcing the Dust Tactics Miniatures Painting Contest Winners

By Guest, in News


Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present the winners of the first Dust Tactics miniatures painting contest!

In the world of Dust Tactics , created by Paolo Parente, it is 1947, World War II still rages, and the world’s superpowers battle for control of the rare power source VK, which they need to power the fearsome combat walkers that command the battlefields. The winners of our painting contest combined outstanding painting technique with designs that best captured the spirit of this alternate 1940s reality. How do we know this? Because the winners were chosen by none other than the creator of the Dust Tactics world, Paolo Parente!

We were received many excellent submissions, and Paolo Parente had a difficult task to pick just one winner for each category!

Best Squad

Lazuli Nguyen won best squad awards with his Axis Sturmgrenadiere Command Squad , including the embedded hero, Manfred Kreuzer . Nguyen’s fantastic camouflage, dramatic washes, and careful highlights revealed masterful technique and fully captured the spirit of Dust Tactics .





Congratulations to Lazuli Nguyen, who wins Operation SeeLöwe , the Allied Grim Reapers , and the Axis Gorillas ! We hope you have as much fun painting those units as you clearly did with these.

Best Walker

Les Shorey won best walker with his Axis Ludwig , piloted by the hero, Sigrid Von Thaler . The fantastic attention to detail and the modeling work to pair the walker with a pilot helped Shorey’s work edge out the competition.





Congratulations to Les Shorey! He wins Operation SeeLöwe , the Allied Light Assault Walker , and the Axis Light Panzer Walker . We hope the light walkers eventually make as forceful an impression on the battlefield as your Ludwig !

Special Mention

Many of our contestants put their personal touches on their walkers with custom modifications, and Paolo Parente asked us to give special mention to one submission that took the Dust Tactics miniatures in an imaginative, new direction.

Stéphane Nguyen reconfigured the Medium Panzer Walker and modified it with some milliput parts and plastic bits to create a sleek, hybrid walker of his own design.





We want to thank Stéphane Nguyen and all our contestants for sharing their visions of Dust Tactics . The community continues to be vibrant, and we look forward to more examples of players applying their time, energy and imagination to the fantastic miniatures this game features.