Planning a 5 player game

By RedSimon2, in Battlestar Galactica

In the not too distant future I will play a 5 player game of BSG. It will involve at least two people who never played it. I WILL include both expansions (because I rarely get to play the game and I don't want to play without them, especially as I just recently bought Exodus). However I am not sure if I should use the Cylon Fleet Option of Exodus or not, because:

  1. The huge amount of Crisis Cards, even without the "CAG chooses" cards which dilutes the Cylon Attack Cards in the deck too much when not using Exodus
  2. BSG involving too much space combat, which takes away from the actual theme of the game (hidden traitors) when using Exodus
  3. greater importance of pilots with CAG title and CAG crises when using Exodus
  4. the involvement of new players: I feel like wanting to teach them the undiluted deception game and not distracting them too much with space combat
  5. I like the new nuke rules of the Cylon Fleet Option. I also like the new Vipers.

I have never played with Cylon Fleet Option (as I have never played with Exodus so far), aside from a test game against myself (with 5 characters). I think it makes things more difficult for the humans. That's not necessarily a bad thing, although it might be unfair for the newbs.

My main issue is the dilution of the attack crises. If it is not too bad, then playing without Cylon Fleet Option would be ideal (or at least good enough).

Your thoughts?


If you have other suggestions for the session, feel free to post them.

I agree that all the extra Crisis cards will dilute the deck too much. And using the CAG title without the CF board will really swing the game in the humans favor... maybe using all the Pegasus pieces (but not NC) and the Exodus Skill Cards (and other components if you want, though I wouldnt suggest the Conflicted Loyalty stuff) but not the Crisis cards or CAG or CF board is your best option.

Throw in everything, see what happens. That has generally been my rule of thumb and even with new players it has worked out fine. If someone is going to get the game, they will get it just as easily with the new stuff (at least in my own experience). As for combat being a bigger part, I think that's fine, it gives the pilots something to do other than sit around for turns on end without doing anything. I have also noticed that it really hightens the tension and puts a lot more weight on those lulls.