The hurt doomer

By Julia, in Doom

Hi folks,

a semi OT question (not striclty related to the boardgame) but this is the only place I know where to ask, so... I recently watched The hurt locker and there is a scene (in the first half of the film) where a soldier plays a videogame which reminds me of Doom. I never played the videogame, so I'm not sure of this, but weapons and monsters seem to fit the description we found in the boardgame.

Can any Doom die-hard confirm this? Is the videogame really hommaged into this movie?

Thanks for help!


No. From IMDB website:

Anachronisms: Specialist Eldridge plays Gears of War (2006) (VG) on an Xbox 360 when Colonel Cambridge enters the room to counsel him. The Xbox 360 was first released 2005; Gears of War debuted in November 2006. Yet the setting is Baghdad in 2004.

Thanx for answering! So, not Doom, but another FFG boardgame :-) Interesting to know, thanks for pointing this out

The boardgame FFG is supposedly making based on the Gears Of War video game has been "coming soon" for I think 5 years now? The speculation is that it will be a tactical miniature game, like Doom was, and maybe even use the Doom rules (like how Descent did). That's COMPLETE SPECULATION though on the part of the fans. I have not seen anything to confirm this anywhere.

So, while I hope it comes out and hope it's fun, FFG has been shying away from video game licenses so I don't see it happening any time soon, if at all.