I take it back

By Zozimusque Romanus, in Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

A while ago, when I had just bought the game, I wondered if I would keep it on my shelf, mostly because the many tactical choices in a very small board space kind of made strategy difficult (I thought it made it impossible). The game is still over very quickly, which can seem like a bit of a gyp when you're used to multi-hour boardgames, and if your tactics didn't work just one single time, you're pretty much screwed, but now I'm starting to think that this is the beauty of the game. I clued into how to change a mass of unrevealed pieces into something you could strategically work with, and realised how important initial setup is. Now I'm disappointed that my girlfriend doesn't want to play it more often. Crow tastes pretty good with a bit of Worcestershire :)