Where did the Doom game page go?

By shnar, in Doom

It looks like in addition to the forum being moved to the obscure "Archive" section of the forums, the DOOM: The Boardgame game page was removed from the catalog listing! So now I cannot go find the old PDF of the rules or FAQ or missions, etc. Why was this done? And does anyone have a direct link to the Doom pages? Is it gone completely or just removed from the catalog?


Intriguing, I clicked on the Doom image above and it took me to this page:


Looks like Doom, Warcraft, World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft Adventures are all "archived" games now...


Yet Marvel Heroes has no forum, only threads under Legacy Games llorando.gif .

Luckily, BGG is there for us addicts.

Even worse, there are no Download Support items for Marvel Heroes, it's like it never existed chez FFG, which is a shame since that wasn't that bad of a game...


Yea the Doom is mising from Library Of Games so it is no longer available to show under forum avatar :/

Ack! They removed it from the Forum Avatars too?!? Gah! Why would they DO that?!?


I'd say ths game is still active... kind of dampers my game list now.

SOB, they removed it from the list of favorite games too!!! WHAT THE HELL?!? Now I have a "blank" game in my list of favs...


That's what I was writing about :)