Any release dates available?

By Dark Caesar, in Embers of Atlantis

I looked around on the net but couldn't find a release date for this book. Is it coming soon or far down the line? I loved Hickmans work for Dragonlance and this book has me intrigued, as well as the RPG it's based on.

sorry for the double post my browser lagged out. If a mod could this that would be awesome lists it as 11th October 2011

I have barns and noble nook and just looked for it and it's now even ready for pre-order yet. now is this going to be a fantasy or science fiction setting? sorpresa.gif

Modern Fantasy, so fantasy stuff happening in a modern world... not entirely unlike World of Darkness or say a Shadowrun game run during the Awakening.

I was fortunate in having attended GenCon and I picked up the book there. I've enjoyed it so far, not quite done with it yet. :)

It's apparently available now from amazon.

Amazon are indeed shipping it now, I'm currently about 1/3 of the way through my copy and have to say it's very good so far.

I am officially jealous of you all. I have pre-ordered from my local games store in Canberra, Australia, but they say they're not sure they'll order it because paperback novels aren't selling well. I said I'd wait and see what they decided, but there's a few days to go before I can call them yet.

In the meantime, I'm rapt to have been able to download the Fireborn setting PDFs from RPGNow today. They go well with the hardbacks on my shelf happy.gif .

I am very much looking forward to reading Embers, even if I eventually order it from online happy.gif .

Got it on my kindle the other day (nice idea FFG, perhaps an ebook release of your rulebooks?)

I have to say I was a fan of Fireborn before I read the book, now i am going to be doing all i can to convince my rp group to give this a go.


Is it really that good? Always looking for something new to read...

Our Roads Will Always Cross

by Naomi Green

A short novel about a young girl, Amy Brighton, who leaves her home town after killing her stepfather. She runs far away and starts a new life. She falls in love with a cop, and starts a new life, concealing her past. But the things don't go as she expected, and she is obliged to confront her past in a brutal manner, as she finds out that her stepfather is still alive. Romance, thriller, hope, that's what this book is all about. Very well written, and intriguing. The End is really a surprise. Worth reading!