Is that prior to the return of Fireborn the RPG ?

By Lucien120, in Embers of Atlantis

Hi folks,

What you think ? Could this be possible ? The return of Fireborn RPG upfated and revised and the Book of Aspects ? Am I just dreaming ?

I'm **** hopeful,

Fireborn and Grimm could both do with a little more love around here

I'm wondering the same thing. It always looked like a cool rpg, even if I never played it. The book sure makes the setting more interesting that what I recall.

I liked the setting, even though I feel the system needs some fine tuning. It was ended way too soon.

Here's to hoping this is the start of something.

I think it's obvious that there are those at FFG who really love the gone (but not forgotten) games. I knew nothing about the setting til I read the announcement for the novel.

I really hope it does well. A name fantasy author sure doesn't hurt. As mentioned above, a Grimm novel would be great, especially if they brought back new editions. Maybe they will, their WH RPGs certainly seem to be successful.

I'm very hopeful this is a silver lining around the dark cloud that was Fireborn's passing, and I'd be overjoyed at it's return... hopefully with the system tweaked so it's a bit more proper.

Never been a fan of Hickman, but I will prob'ly pick this up to support a spiffy setting. :)

anything is possible , and the company does churn along , slow as it may be .