Best purple districts?

By fenway, in Citadels

(I also posted this question at BGG)

Which purple district(s) do you consider the best in the base set (and why)?

I have found School of Magic's versatility to be fantastic!

What about in the Dark City Expansion cards?

Lots of looks but no suggestions? C'mon Citadel-ites - What do you think? :)

From the original game, I really like the Smithy (once during your turn, you may pay two gold to draw three district cards),

As for the expansion, I like Ball Room, simply because I like to hear "Thanks, your Excellency"!

I agree, Ball Room brings the most enjoyment out of any game for me.

School of Magic if played early in the game is in my opinion the most powerful!

And both that are worth 8 points at the end but only cost 6 are fantastic as well

School of Magic in my opinion is a game changer.