Looks like I'm late to the party

By DoomTurtle, in Beowulf: The Movie Board Game

Anyone out there still playing this game? I just picked it up brand new for $5 and will probably give it a try tonight. I was looking into Kingdoms, until I found out that this was a more elaborate version, so I'm excited to play it. I read over on BGG that a couple Act 2 tiles were a little overpowered though. So what so you all think?

I love this game. Wife thinks it's OK and kids hate it.

A couple of the special tiles have spectacular effects which can really swing things. I'm personally ambivalent as to whether I consider these broken or not: Depends who you are playing. If you're playing someone who is not as good as you, then if they are lucky enough to get one of these tiles then they can ****** a win (on the other hand if you get them then you'll get a massive victory)

If you're playing real competative with a similarly skilled opponent then you might want to restrict the power of these tiles - or maybe not use them at all.

I, too, purchased the game based on the price in the sale and also the fact I enjoy the work of Reiner Knizia. Any input on this game would be appreciated.

It's a fun game. The tiles I asked about being overpowered hasn't really been a problem in our games. No one really uses anything too much to try to get a huge advantage, everyone I play with seem to be more worried about screwing everyone over that they can instead of getting themselves the most points. I got my game for $5 unopened from someone near me, so it was definitely worth it. If I hadn't, I probably would have picked it up from the sale.