Anybody picked this game up yet?

By Deadline247, in SmileyFace

Sort of curious to hear how younger kids have taken to this game. Any first-hand experiences with it?

I am not a kid by any means, but I did purchase this game from Borders when they were going out of business. It's a fun game for a social group setting. It's an easy game to learn but a difficult one to master, because the outcome of each of the 7 rounds could change at any moment. Just when you think you've won a round or figured out who else is going to win the round so that you can assist that player and receive your own bonus, someone else plays a card that changes that outcome. Younger kids may have a hard time figuring out when to strategically play the Mischief cards, but they can easily play the game even if they only have basic math skills.

I'd describe it as being just a little bit harder than Uno.