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Will there be an expansion to this game?

I haven't heard any rumours. There have been no official annoucements in regards to expansions so no one here would be able to tell you for certain.

In my opinion it's way too early to tell. I don't know anything about how well HH is selling but I know reactions were somewhat mixed. It is already a quite expensive game so pushing out an expansion too quickly may deterr some buyers from getting it just because of the even higher price tag for the whole thing. Lastly, I wouldn't know what should be expanded right now. The community is still in the process of getting the rules and some ambiguities fully sorted out and the whole scenario background makes it difficult to just include new stuff without being untrue to the original story.

I'd like to see them make an Armageddon version of this game. Since this is based on the original HH wargame, it would be way cool to see them make one for the other Game. Then they can make an expansion that includes the chaos invasion of Armageddon!!!

i wouldnt count on any armageddon expansion. They would have to design whole new board and so on. Any expansion that IMHO would come it something giving new units and cards to existing game.

I would love to see a warhammer invasion style 40K game, im not talking about space hulkor the previous card game, however if space hulk does well.....

It would be wonderful to have unit cards for squads, special characters and tank cards for each of the armies, conceptually i would picture it with the leader being the kindom card, 3-6 squad cards to the right, battlefeild in fromt and then play card verses card. tactic cards would play out like "in the bunker plus one defenser" "counter charge cancels opponents charge bonus" to the left resources that accumulate to buy heroes exclusively. So like warhammer that inst resource driven the 40K version would be combat driven.

Like warhammer invasion but multiplayer, so each character attatcks to the right and defense to the left. so a 4 player game 2 allied types would sit accros from each other.

Even a branch chart for campaigns and hero survival or tactic cards that nominate special win conditions. Or draw a card that gives you win conditions based on events before the game starts.

I know no one wants to play just a card combat game and most people perfer more than two player games, I want to see this happen!

I dont see much room for growth right now. Unless its like a unit upgrade pack or something.

Hell yeah I would love to see something like this for Warhammer or Mordheim something like that but my key need is multiplayer!!!!

New combat cards and event cards as well as scenarios would be all it would take. I know it's expensive to print these high quality cards so perhaps an online expansion in PDF format, available for a small price would be a good way to keep current players interested and draw in new players.

I don't see an expansion coming either.

The game is already quite expensive and already takes a long time to play, meaning:

- it isn't an 'every one has bought it' -game

- it isn't like the people who have bought it will be bored playing it all too soon anyway.

So I guess there isn't that big a crowd wanting an expansion, let alone buying one.

And then you have to consider the fact that an expansion (and so not an entirely new game which Armageddon would ask as needing a new board, new units and for gameplay new cards) has to be able to get played on the same board. What story do you know in the 40k Universe that is fought on Terra besides the HH? The only one I know is the "Age of Apostasy". So if there will be an expansion, I'll put my money on the AoA.

They could go the War of the Ring and its expansion route of course. WotR with expansion uses the same board, has scenario boards separate, adds new units for the game and balances the game. As with SP in WotR, I've found that the Traitors have a edge in HH.

An expansion might be difficult because it is a GW property and we all know how they are.

Could be one of the reasons why we still have not even seen or heard of an expansion for Chaos in the Old World or updates on Blood Bowl.

GW is a pain.

In one of my moments of mania I suggested buying 40k miniatures to my friend and deciding each battle in a small 40k game :)

each unit would represent a squad of marines or imperial armies. game would take weeks though :P

but that might be interesting too. an expansion that lets you play out battles on a small tactical map rathar than a card mechanic.

an old wargame of mine had that ability..it was about Napolean and the tactical battle was very simple with three flanks and a reserve for each side. you could move units around through the reserve and the idea was to conquer ONE of the enemy flanks to win the battle :) .

It does seem like it would be much but I can't think of another expansion. The game I played seemed pretty balanced without adding new units...maybe new cards/mechanics.

another idea would be a larger scale map of the whole planet that you could manuever and fight on. have it affect the main game map in some strategic way....maybe being able to get in reinforcements or limit bombardments and such :)

maybe I'm thinking to big.

great game though without any expansions.

I'm currently working on my own expansion.

The 'Emperor' and 'Horus' have been given a slight makeover - basically when they meet each other their will be little advantage over each other when compared to the original game. However, when they meet other forces they have some nice little tricks making them more threatening!

To the Chaos forces I have added the 'Sons of Horus', 'Word Beares & Lorgar' and the 'Iron Warriors and Perturabo' - all of which were present in the seige of the palace. The 'Thousand Sons' have been ever so slightly reduced in numbers to represent the mauling they received at the hands of the 'Space Wolves', 'Adeptus Custodes' and 'Sisters of Silence'.

I have expanded the Loyalist forces ever so slightly.

I am also looking at slightly changing some of the cards used in the scenarios.

I am also working on a system of dividing damage out against units - it adds a great deal of randomness to the way that uints are removed. All still work in progress at the moment though.

Who knows... if it plays well enough I might forward the details across to Fantasy Flight and ask them to do a general release.

I would love to see some scenario expansions along the lines of a double-sided mapboard minus the 3D terrain. They wouldn't need to be very pricy because all that's really needed is the map itselfsome rules. At most they could throw in a couple cards specific to the scenario. I really enjoy the game system, but playing the same battle overover gets a bit dull. Strategy starts to become repetative as people end up copying what has worked well in previous games rather than developing new strategies on the fly like the first few times we played.

They could even go super cheap on the production if they really wanted tomake the map a folding paper type rather than cardboard. Obviously I prefer cardboard, but if doing it cheaper lets them package twothree scenarios together, that's all the better for me.

On the other hand, they could make a customizable map out of large double-sided tiles that could be used for a large variety of scenarios. Then, scenarios could be published on the netmade by fans without the need to distribute anything.

*dream* Maybe some Primarch models and the "Sons of Horus". Plus the Greater Daemon of Khorne!

A bit of a thread revival, but I'd be happy for a POD release for more combat cards for each faction. In my games, I've found that the cards recycle way too quickly.

With the Horus Heresy books still being released, I did wonder whether there might be any game tie-ins with those books. The Istvaan V massacre springs to mind, plus a host of other things that happened in the first 5 books. Even something based on the Dark Angels world of Caliban.

On reflection though, this seems unlikely. Most of the battles that I read about in the books tend either to go to whichever side had the Astartes, or if both sides had Astartes it's usually one-sided in favour of Horus. Nice bit of fluff, but I doubt it makes for a good game to stick rigidly to it and design the scenario so that one side finds it easier to win. The battle for Terra is probably the only part of the Horus Heresy where there was any uncertainty in to who was going to win - and probably the only part of the Horus Heresy that deserves a game.

That being said, I haven't actually read all the books yet; I got a bit tired of them after Fallen Angels due to the cataclysmic end of the world that seems to happen in all of them.

Nematode said: Published on - 18:37:04

I would love to see some scenario expansions along the lines of a double-sided mapboard minus the 3D terrain.

I'm so keeping my fingers crossed for that one (with the only difference of keeping the 3D terrain). It adds a certain UMPH to the whole game experience.

PullsyJr said:

A bit of a thread revival, but I'd be happy for a POD release for more combat cards for each faction. In my games, I've found that the cards recycle way too quickly.

Some decks, like the hero decks, do recycle very quickly. The combat deck is ok but could also use a bit more variety. They could have a new rule where you could have a choice of what cards to include in your decks so as to not go past a certain limit. I think that would add another strategic layer to the game as well as allowing for new cards. Scenarios could be added. As for the figures, the most glaring omission, the Sons of Horus, should be one of the things they could address. Which brings me to a question I'm sure has been asked before: why were they not included in the first place?

All of this, of course, in the assumption that the game is popular enough to merit an expansion.

One thing that springs to mind would be an expansion for the combat/ hero decks.

Unfortunately, the combat cards' special abilities rely far too heavily on the color-coded 'devoted' units to include an undivided legion like the Sons of Horus (which, i guess has been the reason for their omission in the first place).

All things said, HH seems quite complete without an expansion, as opposed to Descent, for example.

I would love an expansion for this. Or just another 40k game made with these mechanics

I'd personally like to see a "First War for Armageddon" expansion.

Space Wolves, Imperial Army and Grey Knights vs World Eaters, Cultists, Traitors, Mutants and Daemons.

I'd also like to see a miniatures expansion like the recent Arkham Horror one, with models for each of the heroes.

IMHO some hero figures would be really cool especially considering the resources available at GW

IMHO some hero figures would be really cool especially considering the resources available at GW