Incoming Competition... Yikes!

By frankelee, in Descent: Legends of the Dark

As a little bit of a blowout thread before this whole thing gets deleted, I just have to say Warhammer Quest: Cursed City really puts the poor marketability of this game into focus. We've got the biggest dog on the block putting out a dungeon crawler, their minis are across the board of an outstanding quality (just the two sample ones we've seen are blowing people away), there will probably be more minis in their box, there will certainly be better tile pieces in their box, and the rules are a continued refinement of the very successful Blackstone Fortress rules, and all of it possibly priced for LESS than Descent 3rd edition.

I get that FFG is being stripped down, possibly to be sold, but I wonder if there's anything they can do to possibly save this game. The price is too high for the quality and the content, and not by a small amount. The gameplay is very questionable, a lot of times it takes companies a try or two to get rules right, and it seems that they went inventive for this game instead of refining Descent 2nd ed., so it'll probably have some rough edges. Which makes wowing the customer with the physical components and the price even more important. The minis aren't terrible, but they're nothing special, certainly to the vast majority of miniature gamers, and they don't hold up to GW's stuff or even CMON's stuff.

I'm very fascinated to see how they try to change this game to make it not be a complete disaster. It really should go without saying we won't see a $175 ACT II or ACT III box, but I wonder if they'll still try to produce expansions for it. Of course the plan could simply be: sell the company before Q3 and let the next owners figure it out.