Any word from Edge Studios???

By cybercat07, in Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG

I’ve seen Edge tweet out information about their other lines but it’s been complete radio silence on SWRPG. And their website updates even less than their Twitter page.

Has anyone else heard anything? At this point even an update or acknowledgement would suffice.

Overall I have to admit I’m worried. I also play X Wing and honestly at least Atomic Mass Games has sent out a few letters and updates.

Nothing regarding Star Wars.

Again, depends on what the state of the line was when Asmodee shut down FFG's RPG department, and what challenges the pandemic added to the task of reorganizing things.

I've seen that Keith Kappel and Phil "DarthGM" Maiaweski have been hired as freelance writers, but that was within the past few months, so presuming they're working on any new Star Wars material, it may not be well into next year that we hear anything regarding the line.