[Ruling] Diversionary Maneuver

By Goateh, in L5R LCG: Rules Discussion


Following up on your previous response for Diversionary Maneuver: "All reactions to things that occur during the resolution of Diversionary Maneuver (the move in reactions, the revealing a province reactions, the bowing characters, etc) occur after the entire event’s effects have finished resolving. So both players have moved characters to the new conflict before Rally to the Cause triggers." Is this saying that all effects are simultaneous like with AFWTD? There are a couple follow-up questions for timing as a result: 1) My opponent's character has Clarity of Purpose, so they move home without bowing. Are they an eligible target to be moved back into the conflict? 2) When am I at the new province? If a theoretical province existed with the text "Characters cannot move during conflict at this province": 2a) If I'm currently at this province and move to a different one with Maneuver, do characters move home? Am I allowed to move characters into the conflict at the new province? 2b) If I move to this province with Maneuver, do characters move home? Am I allowed to move characters into the conflict?

1. All of the initial elements of the card effect (move home & bow, move the conflict, you move in your characters) are simultaneous. Therefore, if you had Clarity of Purpose’d your own character they could not be moved in. However, your opponent moves in their characters after all of the above have been resolved (note the “then”) so they could move in a formerly-participating character kept ready by Clarity.

2. You are at the new province once the initial elements have occurred (so after everything has been done by you and before your opponent moves in).

[Tyler Parrott, Feb 14 2020]