Beginner Sets To Play With Kids

By Jbfatcats, in Army Building

I know. This may not be a super kid friendly game. He is 12. We never played these type of games. He loves the Pokémon card game thing. We both LOVE Star Wars. I think this will be fun to learn given the way the world is and we are limited as to what and where we can go.

Okay. So. My question.

I bought one core set (plus Chewie, Han and Leia cuz I just had to).

What else should we get to make a fun (and simple if possible) with some variety game build. Personally I’d rather not just get a bunch of same pieces.

Also so I get it. I’m not trying to build the best most powerful sets. I just want to have fun and create 2 relatively equal armies to play at home.

Any help would be awesome! Thanks ahead of time.

Purely aim for the rule of cool at this stage. Get them involved, what corp choices do they like etc?

My 9, 12 and 13 year old all play and are fairly switched on with the rules now which is great. The 9 year old likes pulling out sneaky force push tricks which has caught me off guard once or twice. :)

For Empire grab some snowtroopers for another Empire corp set because they're great. Boba/Bossk is cheap and fun for the Empire and Iden would be another great choice to get for some more characters to choose from.

Hope that helps. :)

I think it is pretty fun to play with the heavies. Seeing an At-st and an Airspeeder face off, just makes my inner 10 year old happy. With the recent rebalancing, the Civil War era heavies are all pretty balanced against each other (or at least you aren't hurting yourself by taking one).

For teaching them how to play, I recommend buying both Leia and Veers or the personnel upgrades for both factions. (You already have Leia so you are halfway there!) They are more straightforward than Vader or Luke, and are good in combination with Luke and Vader when you expand.

Rebel Veterans and Shoretroopers come with two units in the box and allow you to have more core troopers. Rebel Commandos and Scout Troopers also come with two units in a box.