By player5667253, in The Lord of the Rings - Print on Demand

So I relatively recently got into lotr lcg and am trying to buy up as many expansions as possible but many are unavailable or print on demand . Does FF still reprint even the earliest expansions ( I need shadow and flame). Also how do print on demand products work? Thanks

I'm needing a copy of Mountain of Fire to complete my set but it's never available nor is it print ion demand. I can't find it anywhere online to buy either for a reasonable price.

Just need to wait for items to reprint which they always have, it just may take a couple months.

As for print on demand it's not truly print on demand instead they print those scenarios with a different printer which was in-house. When those went out of stock it was concerning since they no longer have an in-house printer. But now some nightmares and standalones have become available again showing they are somehow getting printed so order them while you can and hope for reprints of the ones you need!

One of the game stores I buy from in Canada just restocked The Mumakil, Across the Ettenmoors, and Encounter at Amon Din... so it seems that FFG is still reprinting APs, even if they trickle in slowly. Kind of weird that the latest reprints are all individual packs from different cycles, but whatever.