So... what is this ?

By gmcc, in Dead of Winter

So they take Dead of Winter products for what ? no new expansions or things for it ? i mean what the **** FFG?

<sarcastic guess> Dead of Winter second edition down the line with unpainted plastic miniatures and an app...

Plaid Hat Games created the series and only recently sold the rights to FFG. If they bought the publishing rights to sell the existing base game and expansions but not produce more original content they might announce it. Otherwise it may take some time before they are able to design, test, package, market and ship new content for the series. Hopefully the IP doesn't end here but without word up or down it is too early to jump to conclusions. I would be ready to purchase new additions to the game. 2019 only saw one new character released as a promotional item and I hope 2020 can offer us more. But hope only gets us so far during these trying times, so even a 2021 release would be welcome news.