Keyforge card art in Foundry products

By jackissocool, in Secrets of the Crucible

I'd love to publish some stuff for Keyforge on the Foundry. Would it be ok according to Foundry rules to use art from Keyforge products? They are FFG published, so I would think so, but I want to charge, so I'm double checking.

EDIT: Reading the Foundry rules again, am I right in saying that the below section does not allow me to use other Keyforge art aside from what's in the pack?


You can’t use any other art from our publications or website. Additionally, the items in our art collections cannot be used in any products other than ones created for the Foundry and cannot be altered except to resize or crop them to best fit your layout. Using transparency settings such as Multiply in your graphic design program is fine, however.

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Seems like it.

You cannot use any other FFG art in your Foundry products besides what they provide in their art packs published on the Foundry. They further limit the art from specific IPs to only be used in products for those IPs.

There's so little art for every house but Shadows in the art pack. I got no art skills and a commission would absolutely not be cost effective so I guess it's just gonna be bare bones visually.

What a shame. I'm sure there's a bunch of legal reasons to do with rights of the artists but it is limiting for this.

You don't need art. Its helpful and can make something look better, but it isn't necessary. Focus on the writing and let your content stand on its own.

jackissocool, feel free to let me know, and I'll do two pieces of free art for ya. I love drawing Keyforge stuff, and have already done so for a couple other authors working on things. - Chris Markham.

(not cover, just smaller interior stuff)

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