Duel Wielding, simple example - is this right?

By MyklK, in Rules Questions

So I'm just playing around with the rules here trying to get a feel for combat in Genesys.

This is our first encounter. Purrina, our Catfolk Warrior, is going to attack a Minion group of 2 Brigands.
Purrina fights two-handed: Sword & Dagger (I was thinking sword & sword, but I left it like this for the purpose of illustration)

Brawn - 2 | Agility - 4 | Intellect - 1 | Cunning - 3 | Willpower - 2 | Presence - 2
Melee (Light): 1
Finesse(1) (Use Agility for Brawl & Melee (Light) checks)
Parry(1) (3 strain to reduce damage by 2 + ranks in Parry)
Dual Wielder(2) (Use Maneuver to reduce difficulty for next combined combat check)
So here's what I'd do:
Abilities / Skills: Thanks to the Finesse talent we have 4 for Agility and 1 boost from the 1 in Melee (Light)
The difficulty is: image.png.9543ea92d9cd087990e86e4f0148a91c.png however add 1 difficulty because of the two weapons, but then subtract one because, using the maneuver, and Dual Wielder Talent!

And here's the part I didn't know ... a Dagger has Accurate 1. But Two weapon fighting says you roll for one weapon and if you get two advantages you can do damage with the other weapon. Do I declare that I'm attacking with the dagger to get the extra image.png.60163dae4ca5d18b2209074c0925437a.png ?? Or do I declare the sword is the main weapon and the dagger the off-hand weapon so I don't get that sweet boost die?

Is this correct? Is there something I'm missing? I feel like a fish out of water, building pools is very different than "roll to hit."

Thanks for any clarifications.

It says you choose your primary weapon, so you choose. With dagger as primary, you get that boost die from Accurate, so a slightly better chance to both hit and trigger the off-hand hit. The downside is, if you don't roll two advantages or a triumph, you're only hitting them with a dagger, which deals less damage than a sword would have. So it really depends on how badly you think you need that boost die to benefit from dual wielding in this scenario.

The TWF rules are pretty simple.

You only use the modifiers of the primary weapon. The qualities of the secondary weapon are irrelevant.

You use the worse skill and characteristic (if different).

So, if your primary is the Dagger, you get the Boost die. However, if you fail to generate 2 Advantage, you don't hit with the Sword.

If you attack with the Sword as primary, you don't get the Boost from the Dagger.

Thanks for the clarifications. Much obliged.