CR90 Scenarios: Feedback from long ago...

By KelRiever, in X-Wing Mission Control Technical Support and Feedback Forum

Well, I never had much interest in the 2nd edition for what you had to do to upgrade and the cost. And I did fall out of X-Wing because I just don't like the general direction of what FFG decides to release for its ships. It begins to look so much less like Star Wars and more like someone's personal idea of what MEU space battles should look like.

That criticism aside, X-Wing is generally brilliant when you stick to ships you mostly find in the movies, even if you might use certain upgrades or characters who aren't. And in that regard, there have been several games played with the original CR90, released long ago.

I just want to talk mainly on the scenarios that came with it. Some of them are very bad, and that's actually an unusual criticism.

Usually, I'm down on players who have so much tournament mentality, it's like a sickness. They barely try, if ever play, some really great FFG scenarios to the point of I wouldn't be surprised if that's why FFG stopped doing them. Good scenrios take work, and when people don't play them, even when they're good, that's gotta be disheartening.

Anyway, the weird exception is you buy an $80 ish boxed set of a massive Correllian Corvette. This thing is supposed to be really entertaining, and awesome, and I would think that since one focus point is the campaign, it would have that love and attention spent on it.

But it's not. First, the CR90 in the game is kitted out badly, and in no way should that be. Mostly because Single Turbo Lasers are designed terribly! Sure, thematically they were meant to shoot at ships, but the whole campaign is about a swarm of fighters attacking it.

Still, even beyond that, one quad laser cannon in the aft and the main gun are just not enough. And in many of the scenarios, the ship either doesn't move or it's path doesn't offer a lot of options (when you have to get off the board asap).

And there's just never enough fighter support for the rebels to make up the difference.

I am speaking of a time, even though we are playing it now, considering the releases available. Back then, there just weren't that many releases anyway, not a lot of weird, esoteric ships like I spoke of. Some of the most broke stuff is actually put on the side of the Empire in the game, like Captain Jonus with TIE Bombers of all things (probably the only thing Bombers could ever be called broken in), and Maarek Stele.

This is all way past us now, but I have to say, I think when I look back, I sort of get why I never upgraded to 2nd edition. The cost didn't seem worth it based on my experience of the first. And when I do play, I do play first, still trying the old stuff because its flawed. But it still at least looks more like Star Wars to me, even if the Cr90 scenarios are bad :D

And, yeah, I have still purchased ships from the first edition. My last was another Bomber and soon it will be Imperial aces which I never got. (Why would the royal guard ever fly around in red TIE Interceptors? :D Oh well...)