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By Guest, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

The Fantasy Flight Games forums have been created as a meeting point for fans of the games we publish, a place where they can exchange ideas and opinions about these games and meet other people that share the same hobby.

To insure that the exchange of ideas is fluid and requires the minimum interference by moderators and administrators, we need to all follow certain rules.

We're not going to compile an exhausive list of rules because we are counting on the maturity and common sense of all our users; if at any time our presumption is not confirmed, we will take the measures each situation requires, whether the rule broken is on this list, or merely common sense.

1. Write your messages to the appropiate forum, and if you would like to open a new topic, please check first to make sure there is not another topic similar to the one you propose.
2. Don't write messages with a commercial purpose (selling items).
3. Don't write messages that encourage the illegal use of products protected by copyright.
4. Treat everyone (users or not) with respect, while still being able to disagree with their ideas.

To sum up, if you come here to talk about games with other fans, exchange ideas, and have a good time while not bothering people who've come here to do the same, you will have no problems and need not concern yourself with this message.

If you think that any user is not respecting these rules, or you have any complaints or doubts about them, write to [email protected] .

Important note:
We recommend you read the Forum text editor's users guide .

Thank you.

Hey this is really cool!

I'm going to take the initiative here and post what I feel, and please feel free to disagree with me, some common sense "guidelines" to rules questions for Descent on this forum:

For all rules questions, please try to do the following first:

1) Double check the relevant rulebook for the answer.

2) Read the FAQ and see if its there.

3) Click on the "Gathered List of Answered Questions" forum thread that was rescued from the old forum. It is a compilation of OFFICIAL responses by Kevin Wilson or Dan Clark to various questions. Read that and see if its there.

At that point, if you still haven't found your answer then post the question here, and I'm sure one of the many friendly rules lawyers will be along shortly to answer your post.

Thank you and good day.

How do I post a picture in a post like this? Also, I have pictures in a picasa web album, will that be a problem?


First, you must be their friend. Then, in your player profile, go to your friends list ("My Friends" link). From there, each friend has a big envelope button that should get the job done.

I like this!

I appear to be mentally challenged by the Search option. I endorse your encouragement to search the forum before posting new threads, but the only botton that is dedicated to "Search Forums" is deactivated in my browser, both Firefox and IEtab Plus.

Please enlighten me: how do I search the forum?

Search isn't working for me either (IE8). I know I've used it in the past, but right now the "Search the Forums" button does nothing.