Making Tokens out of LOTR LCG cards

By mightywolve, in The Lord of the Rings - Print on Demand

Hello all!

This is a rather odd question. I recently saw a video about making DnD (monster) tokens out of MTG cards:

I thought this idea was brilliant. I am planning on playing Adventures in Middle Earth or The One Ring RPG with some friends. Now I thought I could the same trick as the video above, only with LOTR LCG cards. However, I am not planning on spending huge amounts of money to buy these cards and then to ''destroy'' them for another purpose.

Is there somebody on this forum who might have an (cheap) solution for this?

Thanks in advance!!

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You can find some of the art online. Whether this counts as fair use for that art, I have no idea. My suspicion is that it does, provided you don't sell the tokens.

Unfortunately, not all of the art is available online. However, you could always take an image of the regular card from Hall of Beorn, crop it to the token, and then print it on cardstock or whatever material you want the tokens made from.

Usually you can find a lot of art by being a bit more specific in your google images searches. You can also look at the sites of the artists themselves, which are linked in Hall of Beorn when you go to the card's specific page, and then clicking the name of the artist. A lot of great art pieces are easily found through Google though, especially the more popular artists like Magali. As long as you are not selling these tokens for profit, you should fall within "fair use" of the images.