Problems with Thronemaster and their online games

By Braegor Fafnor, in A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - A Dance with Dragons

So i'm really, really excited to play the online version on, but it doesn't seem to register me properly. I've waited since roughly christmas to be accepted in, but it doesn't seem like their sign-up method worked when i tried to join up. When i try to sign up now it says my mail adress is already in use, but when i try to use the "forgotten password" function it says i'm not registered. The confirmation email never arrived to me despite trying to re-send it. I sent a mail to their help-adress but hass received no reply. despite this thier site seems very active and has plenty of daily games.

So i'm wondering if anyone else is experienceing something similar or possibly other related issuess. Or are there certain cirteria that simply disqualify you for being signed up?

Thanks in advance :)

I'm playing the game since November with a group of 4/5 constant players, and we play it every chance we get. I got pretty good at the game since I'm almost always winning with any house and I'm the target of other players most of the time because of this. I want new challenges because I've got to know most of my friends strategies and pace of the game and it is just too easy to beat them now and I want to play against new, more experienced players.

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