The Wizard's Quest availability/release date

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Dear Community,

I am creating this topic to check whether anyone has any information about release date of the Wizzard's quest? There was a information that it will be available in retail but no information about ETA/release date.

Do you have any information regarding this product?

I've been wondering the same thing about The Wizard's Quest and The Woodland Realm. I pre-ordered them both 3 months ago.

Given that I waited over a year after it was available in the US to finally get my hands on Attack on Dol Guldur (it was not listed in the Canadian distributor's catalogue and a helpful retailer ended up special ordering it for me directly from FFG), I'm starting to wonder if Woodland Realm and Wizard's Quest will also take a year to reach Canada, ridiculous as that may sound?

Truth be told, I'm at a point now where I'm ready to cancel my pre-orders, as they'll hold up shipping of Journeys in Middle-Earth next week if I don't. And since I only ever play LotR LCG myself, I really don't need those competitive POD quests. Now is as good a time as any to get over my completionist habits.

It's puzzling. Sadly, the last new PODs to be released (nightmare or standalone) was nearly a year ago when the second half of the Dreamchaser nightmare decks came out in May. Fresh POD inventory has been showing up at online retailers, so that rules out issues with printing. Caleb was helping on the digital game at some point, which may have meant deprioritizing non-cycle products. Traditionally, the GenCon/Fellowship deck was released in February or March, but this year there are two that may require revisions based on playtesting.

Hopefully we see them released in Q2.

Having products developed and product published is two separate things. As you say there was no publishing in POD since a year (I haven't make the count but I do believe you) but there was some development since there is 2 POD who have been settled and played during this time. This mean we will probably also have another GenCon event and another fellowship event this year. Caleb absence may have delayed some nightmare but not any standalone scenario.

About publishing there is some issue we probably aren't aware. Usually the standalone scenario doesn't even planned to be release on a particular date. They are just put on the store at the moment they are ready (or put on the store a littlbe time before they actually receive the product). So it is all about haven't be able to print them already. If they are delayed some nightmare may have been too, so may be we will have them in the same time.

It has been available for purchase for a week now on , so I assume it will be 'officially released' soon. Never bought from them though so I cannot vouch for them, but they seem legit.

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Seems hopeful if they are showing up anywhere. The past three years of POD scenarios from both GenCon and Fellowships came out the following February or March. With that I'm surprised they haven't been released yet so something must be held up at their local printer. I personally have the Woodland Realm and am super excited to get Wizard's quest and play them together! It truly is a great format for deck testing, tailoring for difficultly, random encounter replay value and the competitive multiplayer.

Available in UK now from Chaos Cards

I hope both The Wizard's Quest and The Woodland Realm are available when Fate of Wilderland is released, to save some shipping. Still waiting.

"On the Boat" as of today.