POD - worth trying to exchange?

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So I ordered a bunch of the POD scenarios and I know quality can vary on them. For the most part, 6 of the 7 are pretty good.

My copy of The Massing at Osgiliath though has every single "C" missing. I have "TREA HERY" and "LO ATION" cards, I have a " UT OFF" treachery and a few "WAT HOWERS" and a "WIT HKING".

I bought from MiniatureMarket and wonder if this is a particularly bad copy or if I should just keep it. I don't know what their exchange policy is in terms of shipping either.


I've heard that FFG has an incredible replacement policy for damaged/misprinted products. IDK if that stands with other distributors, though, like Miniature Market.

And no, that type of misprint is not at all common, even among PODs.

Okay, I will try an exchange. I hadn't ordered POD before so I wasn't sure to what extent printing errors were acceptable.

Thanks for the info Wandalf!

I had the exact same problem with Massing at Osgiliath a couple of weeks ago. I sent a replacement request immediately but haven't gotten a response yet. FFG is usually much quicker than this to respond and send out replacements.

I also sent in a replacement request for Massing at Osgiliath a week ago for this same problem. Still waiting to hear back.

(If it were me running FFG's PoD decks, I'd be checking to see what exactly went wrong with the fonts and working to make sure it doesn't crop up again first, and only once I had fixed that would I turn my attention to replacing bad decks. So I'm not expecting a speedy turnaround on this. And I'm okay with that.)

And actually the "C" isn't missing, it's just displaced to the left by a few characters: if you look closely, you can see it behind the other text.

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I may just keep mine since the actual text boxes are intact. I guess you still haven't heard back?

I'm sure FFG will correct the problem and send out replacements. It just might take them some time, is all.

Just got this email message from Asmodee today:

Current request status: On Hold

Note: We are processing your request, but are unable to fulfill it at this time as we are temporarily out of the parts you need. Once we have received these, we will process your request quickly. You do not need to submit additional requests for this part; we have your request saved in a queue for replacement. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply to this email. Thank you for your understanding and patience

good deal.

I also got the "on hold" response today. I imagine they had entire run of the misprinted decks so their stock is depleted. Strange that it still shows as in-stock on their webstore though. It's likely those are bad too.

Just received a message that the replacement deck has been shipped.