Exploring question in 'Learn to Play' book

By davepaulstanley, in Runebound

Regarding the example in the book on Exploring, it says you can use another action to reroll the dice on the quest card. I thought adventuring takes 2 actions, which you would need in order to quest in the first place. How would you have two more actions left over in order to roll and then re-roll?

Edited by davepaulstanley

I think you are confusing "adventuring" and "exploring". Adventuring is when you are on a space containing a gem that is color side up and you draw a card from the deck with the matching symbol. To do that requires two actions, and you then do whatever the card tells you. Exploring is when you go to a specific location listed on an adventure card, and roll dice in hopes of matching the symbols on the card. That generally costs only one action. If you look at the top of the card used in the example, it has a "1" next to an arrow. That means it costs one action to explore the Greenwood. So if a player is doing an exploration, doesn't like the results from the dice roll, and has at least one action after the first exploration, they can try exploring again in the same turn.