Considering Dust

By PedroHLeal, in Dust

So, I'm thinking about ordering Dust; I want a risk/war like game, and both of them... I'm quite tired of them.

And I need to know: is dust more varied that risk, and is it complicated, or is it a simple game? or is it not like risk at all? I mean, all info I have is from the description on the site :/

thank you all.

If you were in my country I'd be willing to give you my copy for free.

Read the reviews on Boardgamegeek.

It's not the best wargame out there but its still good. Some people don't like the victory track way of playing but that keeps it short and light, which I prefer over several hours of back-and-forth Risk. Which isn't to say you can't just play world domination and ignore the point system anyway. Really it comes down to whether you're a hardcore wargamer or someone looking for a decent game to switch things up that doesn't demand several games to get the hang of things (like Choas in the Old World or Twilight Imperium from what I've heard)

I like the game because each of the games it completely different. Even with the same players, the randomness of the cards can generate completely different games. It isn't as drawn out as Risk or Axis & Allies. You can complete games in 3 to 4 hours.

It is a fun game, especially since they reduced the price tag. Despite many negative voices on the game I really like it. Sure, it does not even come close to games like Twilight Imperium, but it is a fun game for mixed rounds of hardcore gamers and the Monopoly/Settlers of Catan clientele. I like those and Risk too, but those games are easier and dice rolling plays a greater role, which adjusts the average gamer to the hardcore strategist. It can build a bridge for those who are new to your game group or who do not like those evening eating strategie games. If you like Risk, you will like Dust! But since you found this forum, you WILL (sooner or later) turn to Twilight Imperium!

Just an example: My Girlfriend likes to play Dust. But everytime she enters the room with a table filled by command counters and war suns she leaves the room staring to the ground and shaking her head.

As others have noted, I think the allure of Dust comes from its simplicity and shorter game time. It's not the most advanced war game out there and really doesn't take full advantage of its background story, but it's fun and easy to play with two or more people. I'd definitely recommend it for someone who is just getting into board games and wants to dip their toes in the water before diving in.