Balance ship with points isn't enough.

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Balance ship with points isn't enough, a bad ship is still a bad ship.

Still annoyed that there is plenty ships, that is not played because they are bad. Horrible defence with 1 green die, bad dial, bad action bar, bad in almost everything.

The B-Wing still doesn't have S-foils mechanic like T-65. Also B-Wing was a very advanced fighter so where's laser-guided bombs and techslot for pattern analyzer or primed thruster?

ARC-170 lacks S-foils as well. And is unplayable because it doesn't work as it used to in 1.0. Also Alliance Overhall mechanic with change 1 eye to crit when attacking backwards was a important addition to make ARC-170 scary for ships with no shields.

Ships with no boost or barrel roll often dies fast because they can't reposition - reposition has a very big important in playing. It's also why you never see a Ghost, Decimator or YT-666 been played. Red Boost or barrel roll is fine mechanic - can remove modification if unbalanced.

Jumpmaster went from been a cheap good ship to be a **** ship in a blink of a eye. Totally unplayabe, also remove white S-loop is a dumb idea...

Ships with 2 reds often do little damage. Need something more, not just outmaneuver. Added die in bullseye would help or if having a lock on a defender and spend the lock to block defender from spending tokens in defence.

No matter how much balancing is made with points, a bad ship is still bad if it doesn't perform well...

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Agree. Its hard to balance all ships when we are thinking on money.

I don't agree on this. The diversity of ships is a great factor in X-Wing. Especially for casual gaming and mission-designs. Not every Ship hast to give you a great tournament performance. Some ships simply bring other options as they are not build to be space-superiority-fighters in first place. If I buy a car, I look what I need it for. Then I decide if it ist going to be a smaller oder a bigger one, a pickup or a van. So I think FFG ist not doing too bad with all the different types of ships. And some ships may only fit for Star Wars Fluff - so be it.