Base game out of stock. What about new expansions?

By arkiva, in Runebound

Hi. I finally ordered the main game in its third edition in Spanish, along with the Unbreakable Bounds, an expansion of the character and the adventure of the web. (I already had almost everything from the Second in English).

It's a bit strange that in the website the base game is out of stock, and nevertheless, Unbreakable Bounds is still sold, while, no news about base game reprint.

Here is my theory: It is imminent that they announce, perhaps during the first months of next year, a new Runebound base game, with a new map. Everything will be new, on the same rules, but with some new details too (as it happened with the big board expansions of the second edition, only that in that case the base game was necessary to play, or that was the philosophy, and this I think it will not be like that again).

I don't think that Fantasy Flight, more after not being able to continue publishing Talisman, its other great game of fantasy adventure board game, for the cancellation of the license of Games Workshop, can afford to ignore the Runebound. Rather it gives me the impression that they are scheming something new. I would not be surprised, even, a Fourth Edition, although I bet rather for a new map, probably set in Terrinoth.
One possible explanation for not reprinting the base game (it appears out of print on the website, and does not appear in the next publications) is that, if they are going to publish a new base game, with another map, they will not want to compete with theirselves.

Another thing that I think this game needs is an application like Descent, so that users can create their own scenarios, or, at least, blank cards. I agree, on the other hand, that the base scenario is already very complete with the mini-expansions that have taken him out, and with Bounds.
I, even in the worst case (which would miss me a lot), I plan to make an scenario using the maps of the Second Edition, with the rules of the Third. In principle I will do it only based on texts. I'll see how I do later to design it.

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