Organized Play questions

By Coral Beach, in Mutant Chronicles Organized Play


Just a few question about Organized Play (I don't have access to the League kit) :

1) About items, I've read they are single use. But are they single-use per game or use only once and for all ? Will items be used by any unit in the army (COMMANDER only by exemple) ?

2) About credits earning, if the player change army faction during league, will the accumulated credits earned from the previous army be available for the new army ? Will credits function per player or only for a particular faction (army) ?


I have my answers from Nate French.

1) Single use items can only be used once (each time you purchase them), and then they are gone. You do not get a "new" item at the start of a new game, if you used it in a previous game. (Although you are welcome to purchase more with credits.)

2) Armies remain the same throughout a league - players record their army on their record sheet (a 10/10/10 force) and then each week, portions or all of that army are use for league play. Reinforcements and unit upgrades are then added to this original force, but an entirely new army won't be introduced until the beginning of the next league. (At which points all credits and items and upgrades reset.)

WOW, were these rules published anywhere else? This explains a lot about why there's only one main army sheet. Thanks for letting us know, Coral.